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Greg Schiano: I'll send Bucs on kneel-down blitz again

With a few days to think about it, Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano doesn't see anything wrong with trying to force an opposing quarterback to fumble when in victory formation.

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It's a blitz Schiano will call again.

"It's a play we have in our playbook," Schiano told Melissa Stark in an NFL Network interview that will air Sunday on "First on the Field" and "GameDay Morning." "So without giving away any schematic advantage to our opponent, it's like any other play we have in the playbook. If I think the time is right, I'll call it."

Heck, he almost called it twice last Sunday against the New York Giants. Schiano told Stark that he considered using a timeout against the Giants with 2 seconds left and calling the play again.

"I did (think about taking a timeout)," Schiano said. "But I also saw what was going on out there. And I guess my judgment was to not call it because I didn't want anybody to get ejected, anybody to get penalized, fined. I said, you know what? Better let this go. Because I've done it."

Schiano repeatedly pointed out that he caused four fumbles at Rutgers using the play. It's clear the attention surrounding his decision isn't going to change his approach. We have to admit: It makes the league more interesting when coaches like Schiano aren't afraid to question some unwritten rules.

"Well, I know one unwritten rule: We gotta win," Schiano said. "And if we still have a chance to win, we're playing to win."

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