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Greg Little on Ravens' James Ihedigbo: He choked me

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Greg Little wasn't worried about penalty flags when he flung James Ihedigbo's helmet Sunday.

To Little, things had progressed past the point of competition once the Baltimore Ravens safety put his hands on Little's throat while the two wrestled at the bottom of a pile late in the first quarter of Cleveland's 24-18 win. Little was penalized 15 yards for an unsportsmanlike penalty.

"I know the ref was saying (to) let go of his face mask, but he was choking me, so I'm not (going to let go)," Little said, according to The Plain Dealer. "There's a thin line between football and just morals and I'm not going to let a guy spit in my face, choke me, (disrespect) my family or anything like that. It's just how it is."

"I don't have to say anything to the ref," Little added. "At that point, (Ihedigbo's) crossed the line."

Little said he had no regrets about his actions and said he'd do it again.

"Ask Phil (Taylor) if Ray Ricespit in his face again, what would he do? Is he going to pat him on the back?"

Ihedigbo has since denied choking Little, with the Ravens safety instead claiming he put his hands on Little's chest, per The Plain Dealer.

Looking at the video above, it's hard to say if Ihedigbo actually choked Little or simply had his hands near the receiver's throat. Whatever happened, Little's reaction tells us there was nothing friendly about it.

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