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Greg Jennings unsure about Green Bay Packers future

Greg Jennings keeps being asked about re-signing with the Green Bay Packers as an unrestricted free agent after the season. He keeps answering honestly.

The Packers' two-time Pro Bowl wide receiver told reporters Wednesday he understands these could be his final regular-season games in Green and Gold.

"Sometimes you look on the wall and you see a lot of writing," said Jennings, via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "And it's hard to ignore that writing as a player because you never want to get caught off guard.

"The writing's on the wall. I'm not going to walk by it and act like it's not there."

Jennings agreed the franchise tag would be a slap in the face.

"Yes. Nothing good about it," Jennings said. "You don't see Wes Welker smiling about it.

"You want your job to have some sense of sustainability, some type of foundation where you can just sit your family and know that you'll be somewhere for a certain amount of time. Well, franchise tags give you one year. So it's like, we have one year. I'll be right back in this same position talking about contract situations. I's just not in the best interest of the player to be in that position."

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Jennings called the lack of contract talks "disappointing" but "not hard."

"You put everything into it, and at the end of the day the only thing the organization really owes you is a paycheck. That's it," Jennings said. "That is absolutely it. When you get raw and uncut about it, the only thing they really owe you is a paycheck. And they can stop that if they wanted to.

"It's a sensitive subject, a sensitive topic to talk about, but the reality is we're going to have to cross that bridge at some point."

That bridge is quickly approaching and it doesn't look like Jennings and the Packers will cross it together.

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