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Greg Jennings responds to Green Bay Packers jokesters

The Green Bay Packers have been having some fun at Greg Jennings' expense ever since the veteran wide receiver signed with the Minnesota Vikings in March.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers entertained the crowd at the Wisconsin Sports Awards in April when he answered a question about Jennings with, "Who?"

Wide receiver James Jones joined the fun Wednesday when he was asked what it's like not to have Jennings and Donald Driver around.

"Yeah, those are my dogs," Jones said, via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "But I don't like Greg no more. He left us. But 'D-Drive' is my dog."

The Packers' comments seem to be lighthearted jabs, but they may have succeeded in ruffling Jennings' feathers.

Asked about the comparison between Rodgers, Brett Favre and Christian Ponder, Jennings replied,  via the St. Paul Pioneer Press, "I'll take Brett. He did it for so long. I got there in a period of time where Brett already was there (as an elite quarterback). Then the guy they have now, he sat behind Brett and he learned so much."

"The guy they have now"? Jennings already has forgotten the name of the quarterback who took the Packers to the team's Super Bowl XLV victory? We can't wait to hear what he has in store for Jones.

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