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Greg Jennings: 'No ceiling' for Cordarrelle Patterson

Around The League is all-in on Minnesota Vikings receiver Cordarrelle Patterson as the NFL's No. 1 breakout candidate for the 2014 season.

Although Patterson himself has predicted that he will emerge as a top-five playmaker, there is sentiment in some circles that his limited route tree and rudimentary instincts on route adjustments will end up holding the 2013 first-round pick back for another year or two.

It's one of the few legitimate concerns for a player as talented as Patterson.

Spend an hour or two with Game Rewind, and you will see that the majority of his rookie-season touches came within five yards of the line of scrimmage. His receptions were limited to bubble screens, slants, crossers and go routes.

As veteran teammate Greg Jennings has pointed out, though, new coordinator Norv Turner is going to force-feed Patterson the ball, moving him around the field like a souped-up Percy Harvin.

In fact, Jennings is now convinced there's "no ceiling" to Patterson's potential and the second-year receiver's success is "going to shoot straight through the roof."

"I'm excited," Jennings added this week, via "I told him this, and maybe it was a little premature, but I told him, 'At some point, I'm going to tell my kids I played with Cordarrelle Patterson.'"

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