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Greg Jennings having fun with perceived Packers spat

Greg Jennings continues to have fun with his perceived spat with his former Green Bay Packers teammates.

After Minnesota Vikings coach Leslie Frazierthrew cold water on Jennings' media-driven back-and-forth with Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Jennings attempted to play nice.

"I don't really recall saying anything negative about Aaron or anybody over there," Jennings said to the media throng Thursday, per "But hey, I apologize."

It should be noted that Jennings was smiling and joking throughout the conversation, intimating his light-hearted take on the whole storyline, even if his words read otherwise in print.

Jennings said he didn't talk to Rodgers directly and joked that if his original comments got to the Packers through the media, he figured his apology would as well. Then he was told he had referred to Rodgers as "Aaron" instead of "12," as he's been doing since moving to Minnesota.

"Did I call him that?" Jennings said. "Oh, we're talking about 12? Gotcha. No, he's still 12. He's still 12. I can't give him that. He's 12. He's no longer the MVP. We have the MVP over here (running back Adrian Peterson)."

Later, Jennings spoke directly to and said Rodgers and the Packers know he's not talking "smack" and that he's "just having fun with it."

"I remember someone telling me, (Rodgers) said, 'Greg who?' in some interview," Jennings said. "He did that, I ran with it. James Jones joked. We texted each other. If the media wants to talk about it and blow it up, let them. I don't want to be a distraction to this team. That's the one thing I don't want to do."

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