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Greg Jennings: Green Bay Packers don't like the Bears

Greg Jennings didn't wait to be asked about the back and forth banter that has previewed the Green Bay Packers-Chicago Bears showdown this weekend. He jumped right in as reporters gathered around his Lambeau Field locker room.

"I think (Brandon Marshall is) smart for saying whatever he said," said Jennings, via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Tyler Dunne. "I don't know exactly what he said but he's smart so I'm going to be smart, too. Man, I wish the Bears would play us one on one and man to man. He's smart. It's reverse psychology. I think it's pretty impressive.

"So, yeah, man the Bears are always playing Cover 2, man. I think they're scared not to play Cover 2."

Marshall talked about how much he disliked the Packers and credited defensive coordinator Dom Capers for limiting him to two catches in Week 2. He said defenders like Charles Woodson and Tramon Williams didn't do anything special since the Packers didn't play man-to-man press coverage.

"He's trying to get his team riled up," Jennings said. "He's getting into the rivalry. Hey, let him hate us. We hate them, too. That's the bottom line. We don't like them. They don't like us.

"Seriously, (it's a) tactic - 'play me one on one.' What receiver doesn't want to get played man coverage the entire game?" Jennings said. "Your pride wants you to say I can guard you man to man. But why do it when you don't have to? I mean, hey, that's why we're a team. We help one another."

The last two days have provided great entertainment from the two locker rooms. Jermichael Finley said the Bears were better without linebacker Brian Urlacher. Lance Briggscalled Finley an idiot. I'm waiting for someone to break a "mamma" insult like the kid in the Cam Newton commercial.

None of this will matter Sunday. Honestly, there's more on-field animosity between the Packers and Detroit Lions. But this remains one of the best rivalries in the NFL between two franchises with Super Bowl aspirations. Why not give fans some fuel for the fire?

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