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Greg Jennings back at practice with Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings participated in several periods of practice Wednesday,'s Jason Wilde reported. The two-time Pro Bowler returned to the field after surgery on an abdominal muscle tear. He hasn't played since Sept. 30. The Packers listed him as limited on the injury list.

"Me personally, I don't feel I'm a long shot," Jennings said. "Playing it safe, I think (the medical staff) could say 'long shot.' I feel great, the body feels great. This is my first day going out there and actually getting on the ground, running some routes, catching some balls, getting my wind underneath me. Just seeing how it feels again to be part of the group, part of the guys.

"Today was a big step for me. Whether or not I'll play this week, that's still yet to be determined."

We'd be shocked to see Jennings on the field this week against the New York Giants. There's no need to rush him after all this time. One more week won't matter when weighed against the risk of Jennings suffering a setback.

"As far as health, I want to see how I feel tomorrow and how I respond to what took place today," Jennings said. "It felt great. I felt no pain whatsoever. It's been a long time coming since I could say that.

"I'm just trying to get out there as soon as possible. That's my prognosis. I don't really have a timetable, I'm just trying to get out there as soon as possible. My mental state is great. My physical state is getting better by the day. So I'm excited."

Jennings said he could get up to full speed on "a few routes" and wanted to push himself to see how much he could withstand. His endurance, as would be expected, is not where it needs to be.

Coach Mike McCarthy wasn't as optimistic as Jennings.

"We'll see where he is tomorrow," McCarthy said. "It'll be a stretch for him to be ready, but it's something I know he would like to push to do. So we'll just see. We'll let the week work out, see how much he does day-to-day."

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