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Green Bay Packers remain NFL favorites at midseason

We've been rolling out our midseason report on this week, with a lot of cool content yet to come.

The centerpiece included our choices for awards for all the major categories and our revised playoff predictions. I strongly believe you never should change your Super Bowl pick unless you absolutely have to. (For example: Adam Rank picked the Kansas City Chiefs to get to the Super Bowl before the season. Ouch.) For the most part, the ATL crew stuck with its preseason picks. Here goes:

Sessler is the only one who made a change. He had the Patriots over the 49ers the first time around. If his original choice was right, let's not give him any credit, cool? Cool.

Despite a 5-3 record and all sorts of injuries, the Packers remained the favorite choice of our 16 analysts. Seven of us took them to win the Super Bowl. The Chicago Bears had three votes, San Francisco 49ers had two votes and the Houston Texans, Atlanta Falcons, Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots, respectively, each received one nod from an analyst.

That's a lot of faith in Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. And a lot of differing opinion: Seven different teams were chosen. Also a note to Falcons fans: You can send your angry tweets at other writers, too. Disrespect!

While doing this post, I went back to look at some of the preseason predictions. Some of my favorites: Justin Blackmon for Offensive Rookie of the Year (Ian Rapoport), Michael Vick for MVP (Also Rapoport), Tony Romo for MVP (Hanzus), Joe Vitt/Aaron Kromer for Coach of the Year (Sessler) and Romeo Crennel for Coach of the Year (yours truly.)

Finally, I wrote up a couple pieces for the report that you might have missed since they weren't on Around the League: The best moments of the first half of the season, and my midseason coaches power rankings. Yep, Romeo is last, just behind Andy Reid, Jason Garrett and that Vitt/Kromer combo. We're all complete morons.

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