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Green Bay Packers quarterback Matt Flynn: Hero

Left for dead two weeks ago on the turf at Ford Field with a lion print on his back and a Thanksgiving turkey forcibly stuffed down his throat, twice-cut quarterback Matt Flynn changed his 2013 narrative Sunday in the second half at Jerry World.

Flynn led five consecutive touchdown drives in the second half to complete a 37-36 comeback victory. Even the Packers believed the 23-point halftime deficit was insurmountable.

"When we were in the locker room at halftime, did we really think there was a chance, the way we played, that we could come back and win the game? Not really," Flynn told's Peter King after the game.

The quarterback, who at times in the first half looked like he was throwing an elongated shot put, carved up the Dallas Cowboys' defense in the second half like it was a holiday ham.

"Man, he's a fighter. A fighter," Packers tight end Andrew Quarless said of Flynn, per the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "He kind of started off slow, but he just stuck in there and never gave up."

Flynn had been cut twice in 2013 after being dumped by the Seattle Seahawks last season. He has dealt with elbow issues, and his ball clearly lacks zip.

He said Sunday that being cut and doubted fueled his second-half surge.

"It's all worth it now," Flynn said. "This is the best day I've had in the NFL. You work for a long time to have the kind of fun we had today, and if you have to go through some tough times to get there, well, that's the way it goes."

The Cowboysdefense, which provides as much resistance as a feather pillow in a sword fight, deserves a large portion of credit for making Flynn look like Aaron Rodgers on Sunday.

However, the simple truth is that Flynn has led two straight wins, buoying Green Bay's playoff hopes.

If Rodgers returns this week, we have to like the Packers' chances of winning the NFC North (if the Detroit Lions falter).

And if the Packers complete their comeback run to the playoffs, we'll be here come Wild Card Weekend pointing to the second half against Dallas as the saving grace. And if that comes to pass, it was because Matt Flynn led the turnaround. 

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