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Goodell, Rooney talk stadium with Minn. officials

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Steelers president Art Rooney said that a Friday meeting with Minnesota officials regarding the Vikings' stadium situation was "productive."

"I think there's a recognition by everyone in this community that a new stadium is needed," Goodell said.

There is a late push to revive a public-funded stadium plan after a setback last week. While local officials expressed skepticism on Thursday about the visit, the NFL noted the issue was "urgent" enough to meet before the NFL Draft next week.

"I believe they served us a reality check," said Minnesota state Sen. Julie Rosen. "This is the year to do it. We cannot wait until next year."

There are concerns in Minnesota in recent days that the Vikingscould risk losing the team or watch Zygi Wilf sell the team if the stadium problem isn't resolved this year. Goodell noted that no ultimatums were given in the meeting.

"There was no implied threats, or any threats at all," Goodell said.

Gov. Mark Dayton voiced those implications on Thursday.

"It was very clear that they see that the Vikings will be in play [to move] if this is not resolved or unfavorably resolved in this session," Dayton said.

"Their main point was that this has been going on for 10 years," Dayton said. "Since 2006 the team was sold, according to them that they would get it next year, and obviously we're now 2012 so they believe the team and the league has been extremely patient have gone through all this doubt and uncertainty and that more of that is just intolerable."

Friday's meeting provided some optimism that the local officials and the Vikings can try to move forward together before this political regular season ends for the summer.

"We expect and hope that after today's meeting there is a general commitment to do that in this session and that will ensure the fact that the Minnesota Vikings continue to be here for a very long time, which is our objective," Goodell said.

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