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GM: Philadelphia Eagles will be 'careful' in free agency

In 2011, the Philadelphia Eagles believed they were close enough to a Super Bowl run to break the bank in free agency.

Popular thought at the time was the signings of Nnamdi Asomugha, Jason Babin, Cullen Jenkins and Vince Young would get the Eagles over the hump.

However, the Dream Team imploded.

After winning the NFC East in 2013, the Eagles, now firmly under general manager Howie Roseman's command, don't plan to chase high-priced free agents.

"I'd say if there was a player who was kind of in the right age group as a free agent, played an important position who we thought could be around for a long time, we would certainly be open to (a lucrative, long-term deal)," Roseman said last week, per a story published Sunday on CSN Philly.

"But you see there are fewer and fewer of those players available in free agency, so what happens is good players get great player money, pretty good players get really good player money, and then it throws around the whole structure of your roster."

Roseman believes that not only do undeserving contracts throw the salary cap out of whack, but they also could create resentment in the locker room.

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"The guys that you've drafted, they look around and they say, 'Well, this guy they brought from somewhere else, and they're paying him maybe more than he's worth,'" Roseman said. "So you have to be very careful in free agency, and I think what worked last year was based on the free-agent market."

Last season, the Eagles signed mostly mid-level players such as Cary Williams, Connor Barwin and Bradley Fletcher to play big roles without breaking the bank.

Every NFL team is looking for bargains in free agency. Roseman's comments speak to why some veteran free agents struggled to find big contracts last season. It's a trend we'll see again this offseason.

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