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Giants WR Cruz admits he holds a soft spot for 'America's Team'

Could Victor Cruz be the only player in a no-lose situation when the Giants and Cowboysmeet for the NFC East title Sunday night?

On Wednesday, the Giants' breakout wide receiver owned up to being a huge Cowboys fan from his childhood through his days at UMass. Keep in mind Cruz recently turned 25, meaning his college years aren't exactly a distant memory.

"I was pretty upset when we lost to the Giants a couple of years back when I was in college," Cruz told the New York Post, likely referring to the 2007 NFC Divisional Playoffs. "I was pretty upset for a while."

A native of Paterson, N.J., Cruz's connection with the Cowboys began with his late father, Michael Walker, who was a Dallas fan "since birth." Cruz said he'll be thinking of his dad Sunday, and he openly admitted he doesn't share the same Dallas vitriol held by teammate Justin Tuck.

"Being a former Cowboy fan, there's none of that hatred there just yet," said Cruz, who has 76 catches for 1,358 yards and eight touchdowns this season. "You understand the rivalry and you understand that a lot of Giants fans don't like the Cowboys. I just want to win, regardless of how I feel about the other team."

Troubling use of "we" aside, Cruz seems to have properly distanced himself from his love of "America's Team." It remains to be seen if Cruz would want to keep that distance when he becomes a restricted free agent in 2013.

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