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Giants VP Mara at Golden Globes while team battled Packers

Chris Mara found himself in a situation to which any sports fan can relate. His favorite team was involved in a big game Sunday night, but a family event was scheduled at the same time.

It's the type of clash that sets off a precarious balancing act -- fulfilling your family duties while secretly getting team updates. Smart phones have made this sort of business significantly easier, but The Family Conflict remains among the more unpleasant aspects of fandom.

When you're a Mara -- football royalty with a rising profile in Hollywood -- this scenario is considerably amplified. Chris Mara is the Giants' vice president of player evaluation and hasn't missed a game in 40 years. His conflict? The Golden Globes, where his daughter, Rooney, was nominated for a best actress award for her work in "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo."

"Somebody said, 'Jeez, you're missing the Giants game?' " Mara told the Star-Ledger. He replied, "Yeah, this isn't exactly a piano recital."

On the same night Chris' team was tasked with beating Aaron Rodgers, Rooney was attempting to topple Meryl Streep. Only one Mara came out victorious.

Chris sat at his table in the Beverly Hilton, continually checking updates on his phone. When the Giants pulled away for victory, he had the following conversation with a stranger seated nearby:

Stranger: "Are you really following the Giants-Packers game on your phone?"

Mara: "Yeah, and the Giants just blew them out."

Stranger: "I'm a Packers fan."

Mara: "I'm sorry. Discount Double Check that!"

Zinger. The men then toasted, definitive proof that the stranger wasn't nearly the Packers fan he presented himself to be.

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