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Giants secondary still unsure who blew coverage on Bryant TD

When Dez Bryant loped through the Giants' secondary Sunday night and hauled in a pass for an uncontested touchdown, it was clear New York's defense had seriously botched the play.

Or so you would think. Both safety Antrel Rolle and cornerback Corey Webster insist they were exactly where they were supposed to be.

When Webster was told Rolle said he was in exactly the right spot on the 50-yard TD, Webster responded, "Me, too," according to the New York Daily News. "I was in the right spot."

On the play, Webster, playing zone, passed off Bryant to Rolle, who watched the receiver run right by him.

Cris Collinsworth, a former wide receiver who provided color commentary for NBC, summed up the play succinctly: "This is professional football, and we have seen some very amateur-ish coverage."

Indeed. Rolle was barely in the screen -- 15 yards away, to be exact -- when Bryant hauled in the pass at the 15 and danced into the end zone.

Webster said Bryant "made a great play," though replays show the Cowboys receiver playing little more than a game of catch with Tony Romo.

"We gave them a special look," Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell said. "They got confused on the look ... we didn't execute the call, so nobody was in the right spot."

Fewell should consider himself lucky. If Eli Manning and the Giants' offense don't respond with a go-ahead touchdown drive, the Bryant TD could have been a play that cost Fewell his job. Instead, like the Giants, Fewell lives for another week.

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