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Giants safety Rolle believes criticism on Bryant TD is unfair

Cris Collinsworth might be the most self-assured broadcaster in NFL history.

Collinsworth, color man on NBC's "Sunday Night Football", speaks in a confident and assertive tone that leads some fans to believe he's always right -- at least that's what Antrel Rolle worries about.

Collinsworth had harsh words for Rolle when the Giants' safety was involved in an uncontested touchdown reception by Cowboys wideout Dez Bryant on Sunday night.

Collinsworth said Rolle was "barbecued" on the play, even if it could've been cornerback Corey Webster sitting on the figurative grill. Collinsworth then threw another dagger, adding, "This is professional football, and we have seen some very amateur-ish coverage."

Rolle discussed the criticism during a radio interview this week on WFAN in New York. He didn't single out Collinsworth, instead focusing on broadcasters in general, who he says can mislead fans into believing they know everything that happens on the field.

"Commentators always want to point the finger as if they know what they're doing, they know what they're talking about, but in reality, they don't half of the time," Rolle said.

Though he never invokes Collinsworth's name, there's little doubt who he was referring to during an impassioned rant.

"I understand what it looks like, so I'm not completely putting the blame on him," Rolle said of the Bryant TD. "But instead of assuming, try to have an idea, try to think things out and know what you're talking about before that happens at the end of the day, because it happens quite often."

Rolle was fired up, making it clear he cares about what fans think of him and his teammates. Considering the sway a celebrated analyst like Collinsworth can have on the millions of viewers who tune in on Sunday nights, Rolle's point is perhaps understandable.

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