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Giants QBs coach: 70 percent the goal for Eli Manning

Eli Manning has never posted a completion percentage higher than 62.4 in his career. An extremely lofty goal has been set this season.

New quarterbacks coach Danny Langsdorf told reporters on Monday he's challenged Manning to complete 70 percent of his passes in 2014.

"It hasn't been done very often, so that's the ultimate goal," Langsdorf said, according to "I think it's been done eight or nine times, maybe? That's an impressive statistic in the history of the league. So that's what we're gunning for, that 70 percent."

Manning is coming off a season in which he completed 57.5 percent of his throws. Manning would've had to end 2013 with 229 completions in a row to reach Langsdorf's preferred 70-percent rate. He hit his 62.4 high-water mark in 2010 -- his percentage has dipped in every season since.

Langsdorf is evidently very serious about this: He successfully rattled off all six QBs who have hit the magic 70 mark, a list that includes Drew Brees, Joe Montana and Ken Anderson.

"He's well aware of who's done it in the past and what the system can get you in terms of completion," Langsdorf said. "So we're trying to focus on that and really trying to do a good job of taking care of the ball and hitting open receivers."

Clearly, Langsdorf believes the team's new offensive scheme will have a positive effect on Manning's accuracy. It acts as a pretty substantial hint that the Giants plans to use more short and high-percentage routes than they did under Kevin Gilbride.

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