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Giants' Jacobs says it's 'really hard' to succeed when fans boo

Brandon Jacobs is already on record saying his days with the New York Giantscould be nearing an end. This might explain why the running back continues to vent his frustrations with a fan base that continually showers him with boos.

"When you come out and get booed like they do us, we're only out there for ourselves," Jacobs said in a radio interview with WFAN-AM on Wednesday. "We go out there and we play hard and we do whatever we got to do. It's up to them whether or not they want to boo. And that's what they do.

"It seems like we are playing at home and we're out there by ourselves as well."

Fans at MetLife Stadium were displeased by the home team's flat effort in a 17-10 loss to the division rival Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night. After a loss in which he finished with 12 carries for 21 yards, Jacobs said "the best thing (Giants fans) do here is boo," adding that he's "been hearing that for seven years."

On Wednesday, Jacobs made it clear his postgame comments weren't merely a product of frustration.

"I'm not saying I don't care about our fans. I'm just saying we need them," he said. "We do have great fans here. I've witnessed that as well throughout my seven years here. But the things that we're going through this year as far as playing at home, that negativity is hard to bring us up through that. We don't want to hear things like that when we're playing at home in games we still got a chance to win. It's really hard."

With Ahmad Bradshaw missing time with an ankle injury, Jacobs has been given an opportunity to showcase his talents. Instead, the 29-year-old is mired in the worst season of his career, averaging just 3.0 yards per carry in 90 attempts.

Between gripes over playing time, frustrations with the fan base, and ineffectiveness on the field, Jacobs isn't making a very good case for his future ... in New York or anywhere else.

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