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Giants' Jacobs grouses about playing time, division rivals

An interview with "Men's Fitness" that started with talk about traps and leg work ended with Brandon Jacobs saying he could be playing his final games as a New York Giant.

Jacobs has a $500,000 roster bonus due in March, at which point the Giants could elect to release him. Asked if he anticipates being with the Giants after his current deal expires, Jacobs was blunt in his answer.

"No, I don't."

The 29-year-old running back -- who has one year remaining on the four-year, $25 million deal he signed in 2009 -- reiterated several times that he isn't getting enough carries in New York's offensive scheme and shot down the notion he shies away from contact at times.

"First off, I don't really get a lot of chances to prove (myself)," he said. "As a back, you need to get out and get going, get a couple carries. You know, get the pace of the game down ... I don't get enough carries to say I was part of anything, so people can say what the hell they want to say ... it doesn't really bother me."

Jacobs added that he doesn't believe starting running back and close friend Ahmad Bradshaw is being used properly, either, calling it "a very confusing thing."

Finally, Jacobs -- who must've been pumped up by an epic power squat or mass-building shake -- had some parting shots about the Giants' division rivals.

"They have a lot of talent and they're very well coached, but it's so thrilling for me to see the Eagles and Cowboys lose like they've been doing," he said. "It's so refreshing. Washington, fortunately they started losing; I knew their luck would run out sooner or later."

It doesn't sound like Jacobs will be with the Giants, or anyone from the NFC East, in 2012.

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