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Giants' Canty: Physical NFC title game will be a 'bloodbath'

One of the more striking aspects of the Giants' first two playoff wins was the ease in which they physically dominated both the Falcons and Packers.

The Giants proved the postseason isn't a place for finesse, as the 49ers can attest.

The Niners hit as hard as any team in football, making Sunday's NFC Championship Game a bruising matchup that could require an extra shipment of smelling salts.

"Physical, physical," Giants defensive tackle Chris Canty said when asked what to expect, according to the New York Daily News. "This is not going to be a cute football game. It's not going to be for the meek and mild. This is going to be a bloodbath."

A bloodbath!

"They don't try and make it a secret, they want to beat you up," Canty said. "And we pride ourselves on being a physical football team. Something's got to give on Sunday. Something's got to give, and this football team is preparing itself to be able to put ourselves in a situation where we can be successful, and a big part of that is going to be our physicality."

Canty's choice of words were too much for New York's tabloids to pass up, leading to the rare (but hardly unprecedented) matching headlines in The Post and Daily News. We're giving the Post the nod here because their "bloodbath" text appears to be, well, a bloodbath.

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