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Geno Smith declines to grade second N.Y. Jets practice

We learned Friday that Geno Smith is a harsh grader.

Asked to mark his first rookie minicamp practice with the New York Jets, Smith gave himself a big fat "F."

After his second practice, Smith kept the red marker in his locker.

"I'll leave the grading to the coaches, but I think today was another good day," Smith told reporters Saturday in a transcript released by the Jets. "It got better again today, so that's something that I just continue to do daily, I try to improve, even if it's just in the smallest amount. I think I did that today."

Meanwhile, Smith continues to search for new representation. He was asked if a potential relationship with Priority Sports would be a conflict of interest.

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Priority Sports now employs Mike Tannenbaum, the man John Idzik replaced as general manager.

"I don't think so. I don't exactly know their thoughts on that," Smith said. "No one has ever expressed that to me. Overall, I think it's a decision as to what's best for me as a player. No matter who I hire, it's going to be in the best interest of Geno Smith."

Let the criticism for speaking in the third-person begin.

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