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Generous Eagle: Shady helps Philly's families in need

Some might say the Eagles have been handing out turkeys all season.

LeSean McCoy, at least, is doing it the right way, distributing 150 frozen birds to needy families in Philadelphia on Tuesday night.

"I'm just focused on giving back," McCoy told "I did the same thing last week in Harrisburg, so I'm just trying -- to the best of my ability -- to give back.

"I think I'm blessed, and I want to share my blessings with everyone else. I feel like this gives the opportunity for everybody to have a good Thanksgiving. It's all about the community, a community that supports us week-in and week-out, no matter how we play."

This week's about goodwill and cheer, but let's be real, that is a wildly charitable assessment of a fan base that's made a cottage industry of lambasting the team on the airwaves and generating signage asking for Andy Reid's scalp.

Still, a genuine act of class by one Shady McCoy, and we applaud it. 

Happy Thanksgiving, Philly.

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