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From Denver to New York, fan frustration elevates to new levels

Tim Tebow is a divisive figure, Mark Sanchez is no "Broadway Joe," and the Giants simply didn't have a clue Sunday.

That about sums up the state of affairs with fans in Denver and New York, who joined the Philadelphia faithful in pelting their local radio stations to prove they're among the most frustrated backers in the NFL after Week 5.

» We all heard what happened when Tebow started the second half Sunday against the San Diego Chargers. The crowd erupted. After Tebow fell just short in his bid to rally the Broncos to victory, it feels like the status quo among fans in Denver. There are believers and non-believers, and both sides are steadfast in those beliefs.

From Bill, a believer, to KOA-AM: "In your face Andy Lindahl and Brian Griese and all the little experts -- the so-called experts -- who knew that he couldn't make it. How could you doubt a guy who has won the Heisman Trophy, (has) two national championships on his back? And then people had the audacity to doubt that he was going to be a great quarterback? The only games in the last two years that have been good have been where he's been playing, started, scored touchdowns. My God, how could they even mess around with that whole thing?"

From Charlie, a non-believer: "Fans' expectations of Tebow sound kind of high to me. We're talking about a guy who's having issues taking the ball under the center. His mechanics aren't great. Once NFL defenses get a chance to look at him on film, they're going to give him all kinds of trouble. He's got some glaring issues, and if John Fox continues listening to the fans, he's going to be sitting right next to (them). There's no way he's going to be able to play in the NFL."

» Sanchez's 16-of-26 performance for 166 yards and two touchdowns (no interceptions) in Sunday's 30-21 loss to the New England Patriots wasn't all that bad. But it wasn't all that good, either, which isn't sitting well with Jets fans, who expect more and are unhappy with the team being 2-3.

"I think the Jets were once again exposed," one caller said on WFAN-AM. "Mark Sanchez is an ordinary quarterback. He's not great, he's not bad. He's in the middle. He's average. And I think the longer the season goes on, the team is going to be average because the quarterback is not particularly good."

Wondering if that train of thought extends to coach Rex Ryan, who's a big believer in his quarterback.

» Here's something to consider in the wake of the Giants' startling 36-25 home loss to the Seattle Seahawks: How much blame should be put on quarterback Eli Manning? Yes, he had a career day in passing yards (420) and threw for three touchdowns, but it was all for nothing as he threw three interceptions.

Fans instead were critical of offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride's play-calling and the defense's ineptitude.

From one caller into WFAN-AM: "Kevin Gilbride, could you please put (Ahmad) Bradshaw in more passes in the flat? I'm tired of this nonsense. You can't waste this guy from scrimmage."

From another: "I was taught in Pop Warner that you play until the whistle is blown. The whistle was never blown, and they (their defense) stood there with their little eyeballs. What happened? Touchdown."

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