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Fred Davis eyeing minicamp return from Achilles injury

Washington Redskins tight end Fred Davis is aiming for next month's minicamp to return from his Achilles tendon tear.

"Right now, I'm in the training process, still rehabbing," Davis said Thursday on "NFL AM." "I'm doing a lot more running though, a lot more drills, doing some route-running, throwing with Robert (Griffin III), with the other guys who have been hurt on injured reserve. Other than that, I'm just going to probably be ready in a couple more weeks to get ready to be active so I feel pretty good."

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Davis tore his Achilles in Week 7 against the New York Giants. He said he'll be 100 percent this season and sounded resolute when asked about if he could break the 1,000-yard barrier.

"That is definitely a goal of mine, something that I want to do, that I know I could do," Davis said. "Just like overcoming injury it's just one of those things that you (have to be) mentally tough. There is always going to be a chance you possibly could be hurt, you're going to hurt a little bit, you're going to be a little stiff, but you just push through it."

Davis also hit on several other topics with the "NFL AM" crew:

» On what Michael Crabtree will go through as he rehabs his Achilles injury:

"He's in store for a long journey. Usually guys with injured knees and stuff like that they can get active a little bit quicker. But the key with the Achilles is you just have to sit and wait. It's a sitting game, it's a mental game really, more mental than anything."

» On RG3's rehab progress:

 "I don't have any doubt in him. I'm sure he's on pace. He's not human, he's from outer space. So he can do anything. I believe in him, he's definitely a work hard guy, a workhorse. I definitely believe he'll be ready if he wants to mentally."

» On how Kirk Cousins has looked in practices:

"Anytime you get to play and be a No. 1 guy and be out there with the No. 1s, I think it helps you tremendously because you are working at a faster pace with guys that know the offense already, that are expected to start. I think he's definitely doing well, watching him out there, if you guys are out there you'll see he's definitely getting better than he was last year and he was already pretty good. He's definitely in a good position to make his stock even higher just playing in these practices and preseason games ... I definitely feel he's on track to have a good year too."

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