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Frazier: Vikings want to 'squelch talk of an undefeated season'

Cornerback Charles Woodsen wasn't afraid to drop the "undefeated" card on us this week, but his 8-0 Packers are only halfway there, and the entire conversation is premature if you're the Vikings.

Instead of bagging practice and taking the team out for shrimp cocktails, Minnesota coach Leslie Frazier is digging in before their prime-time clash.

"Our goal is to squelch the talk of an undefeated season after Monday night," Frazier told the The Star Tribune on Thursday.

Some forget that Frazier was a cornerback on a 1985 Bears team that streaked to 12-0 before losing a Monday night tilt to Dan Marino's 8-4 Dolphins (an important win for the franchise, as Miami's 1972 team owns the only true undefeated season in the modern era).

Frazier recalls the building pressure that came with every win.

"It can grow to the point where you lose sight of what your goal is, which is to get to the Super Bowl and win the Super Bowl," he said.

That loss dropped Chicago to 12-1, their only black mark on a season that ended with a thrashing of the Patriots in Super Bowl XX.

This time around, Frazier would love to generate a very similar footnote in Green Bay's history book.

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