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Fox: Broncos coaches 'social morons' on Tebow-hype front

Forgive Broncos coach John Fox and his staff if they've missed the boat on Tebowmania.

"We joke that we are kind of social morons because we're locked in here all day," Fox told reporters Monday. "We don't really get the chance to see all that."

Huddled away in Dove Valley basements and meeting rooms, Fox and his men pass the hours solving the opponent, dead to Twitter -- totally blank to the idea of updating their Facebook pages with floor-lit group shots over destroyed bins of Chinese takeout.

From east to west, soccer moms, algebra students and wanderers through Machu Picchu ship images to a website dedicated to the Tebowing craze, a development massively lost on Foxy and friends.

For the subset of the population weary of Tebow-related news bulletins, joining Denver's coaching staff now emerges as one solid -- however, complex -- route to achieving radio silence on the Timmy front.

With one catch: As a Broncos coach, you get the real thing.

"I get to see him every day," said Fox, "and I enjoy seeing him every day."

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