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Former Colorado QB says Tebow, Quinn get along well

Before we get too amped up about a potential Tim Tebow-Brady Quinn throwdown, it's worth noting the two Broncos quarterbacks actually might like each other.

Quinn and Tebow dominated the news Tuesday after critical comments Quinn made about Tebow in a GQ magazine interview hit the Internet. Quinn later said he was misrepresented in the story.

Tyler Hansen was surprised to learn of the burgeoning controversy. After all, the former University of Colorado quarterback works out several times per week with Quinn and Tebow, who are helping him prepare for the Buffaloes' March 8 pro day.

"They're really friendly," Hansen said, according to The Daily Camera. "They have a professional relationship, and they're really nice. Both those guys are great guys. I think every person they meet and talk to (thinks) they're going to be standup guys."

All three quarterbacks have been working out in Denver with acclaimed trainer Loren Landow. Hansen wasn't invited to this week's NFL Scouting Combine, but he said working with Tebow and Quinn has boosted his confidence.

"There is no turmoil between them," Hansen said. "I think they have a great relationship. That's what it seems like to me."

Hansen's comments are in step with Quinn's Twitter self-defense Tuesday. It certainly gives credence to the possibility GQ just happened to catch Quinn on a bad day.

It wasn't a bad day for GQ, of course.

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