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Forbes has no idea what Bill Belichick makes

It's that time of year: Forbes has released its highest paid coaches in sports list for 2012.

Bill Belichick ranks No. 1 on the list, but Forbes conceals a rather important fact: They have no clue what Bill Belichick makes. Seriously. No one does.

Forbes lists Belichick's salary at $7.5 million. They don't say its "estimated" or that it's a "total guess" which seems irresponsible at best and purposefully manipulative at worst.

The terms of Belichick's contract has been a closely guarded secret for years. No one even knows when his contract ends, much less what he gets paid.

"Belichick makes more money than any coach in America, some $7.5 million annually," the article reads. "While the Patriots have never publicly disclosed Belichick's salary, no pundit we spoke to doubted it was north of $7 million -- what the Seattle Seahawks were paying Mike Holmgren -- when the club extended is contract in 2007."

Really? You are just basing the list from what Mike Holmgren made in 2007 and what a few pundits guessed?

That would be like making a list of the highest paid players by guessing what Tom Brady makes based off of Brett Favre's salary five years ago. (Tom Coughlin's salary is also "estimated" in the article.)

We'd guess that Belichick makes a lot more than $7.5 million at this point considering his longevity and role. But it's just a guess. Which is why we wouldn't publicize a list passing it off as fact.

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