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Forbes: Buffalo Bills are NFL's 'most troubled franchise'

The same Forbes study that listed the Dallas Cowboys as the most valuable franchise in the NFL issued a gloomier forecast for the Buffalo Bills.

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"The Bills are arguably the most troubled franchise in the NFL," Forbes wrote, per the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

The report pointed to a tiny market, aging stadium and ownership uncertainty as unsettling factors for the franchise, which is valued at $805 million, 29th in the NFL. The Cowboys are valued at $2.1 billion.

The team's operating income plunged this year, according to Forbes, mainly because of the pile of money handed to Mario Williams and a laundry list of free agents. At the same time, those expensive additions are exactly what make the Bills an interesting player in the AFC East.

We don't expect the proud citizenry of upstate New York to take kindly to flaming arrows from a magazine obsessed with the rich.

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