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Five things from the Miami Dolphins' 'Hard Knocks'

We're hesitant to say much of anything about Tuesday night's "Hard Knocks" other than "It's awesome" because Dan Hanzus did such a bang-up job wrapping up the show. (You can hear the "but" coming ...)

But I wanted to hit on a handful of salient football nuggets that came from the show outside the human drama.

»We learned why Vontae Davis has lost his starting job at cornerback. The fourth-year pro was out of shape, and the new staff didn't seem to care for his attitude or work ethic. It should be a wakeup call for a very talented player.

Even Davis' grandmother is giving him grief after watching the episode: "Get in shape, baby. It's going to be a long season,' " Davis said she told him, according to The Associated Press. "I said, 'I know. I'm working every day.' "

»Ryan Tannehill quickly impressed Dolphins coaches on the practice field. He looked the part. Tannehill is supposed to take a while to develop, but this is an early encouraging sign. All the public optimism about Tannehill isn't just coach speak.

»You hear the coaches talk about Matt Moore's leadership a lot. You don't often hear them compliment his ability.

»Dolphins coaches seemed genuinely impressed with Chad Johnson's ability on the field. (He seems less likely to enter cobweb mode this season.) Coach Joe Philbin's conversation with Johnson about cutting down on the "f-bombs" is something to keep in mind if Chad flies off the handle over the next month.

»This season is going to make the Dolphins look smart for hiring Philbin. From his innovative practices to his management of his staff and players, the guy looks like a leader.

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