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'Fins DE Taylor peeved by locker room's lack of secrecy

Jason Taylor was annoyed to discover that comments he made during a players-only meeting following a loss to the Texans were leaked to reporters -- and he partly blames today's social-media frenzy for a collapse in secrecy.

"It's crazy the stuff that is our there now," Taylor told the South Florida Sun Sentinel. "People tweet and twaht and all this other stuff that's out. It's amazing how much information can change hands. I remember, as a kid, you do that little thing where you tell your buddy a secret and he tells the next person and you tell the next person and five or six down the line it's a completely different story ... that's the world we live in."

While it's not crystal clear what was shared, Taylor himself told the newspaper that a "faction" of Dolphins players don't believe the team is built to win in today's NFL.

Reports also surfaced that the 37-year-old told (his younger) teammates that it was time to up the intensity level during practice. 

"It's a little disturbing that what was talked about in the locker room to begin with was talked about outside of the locker room. That's a little disappointing to me. There was no media in there so it shouldn't have been public. And I'm no prophet or genius or anything, I'm not saying anything different than the coach has been saying for the last four or five weeks. ... It's disappointing that it's even in public. That should have been a very private moment ... the cats out of the bag now."

We agree with Taylor -- what's private should stay that way -- but it's an uphill climb with so many players going off on Twitter, engaging with fans and media and generally letting loose.

Still, the fact that the 0-2 Dolphins require adjustments is not something a closed-door meeting is shielding from even the most casual onlooker.

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