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Fighting words: Jets CB Revis calls Belichick a 'jerk'

On Wednesday, you read here and perhaps elsewhere (tsk, tsk) that Darrelle Revis referred to the Jets' locker room as being in "disarray" during a word-association segment on ESPN's "SportsCenter."

What flew under the radar was a more personal and incendiary comment by Revis toward the coach of New York's biggest rival.

Prompted with the name "Bill Belichick," Revis collected his thoughts, then uttered, "Jerk."

It's worth noting that Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was seated directly to Revis' right during this segment. Gronkowski obviously was surprised by Revis' insult of his coach, fidgeting in his seat and momentarily looking off camera.

Asked to respond, Gronk said, "Wow, I wasn't expecting that one," while Revis sat with a smirk on his face. It was awkward.

Prompted with the name "Rex Ryan," Gronkowski responded, "Entertainer," indisputable proof there forever will be at least one instance when the tight end showed superior decision-making skills over a contemporary.

When Revis was asked to elaborate on his dig, he responded, "Some of the comments he says about the Jets."

Unless we're missing something, it's unclear when exactly Belichick has bad-mouthed the Jets ... at least publicly. As for the comment itself, what's the point? The Jets have a perception problem as a bunch of loudmouths who don't back it up. Revis, the Jets' biggest star, should know better than to reinforce that notion on national television.

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