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Fewell doesn't take taunt from Eagles' Jackson personally

What Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson did to Perry Fewell was considered by many to be a punk move, but to the Giants' defensive coordinator it wasn't.

The NFL fined Jackson $10,000 for unsportsmanlike conduct Friday for flipping the ball at Fewell after a 50-yard gain during last week's game. The ball hit Fewell in the chest and admittedly startled him -- which was evident from the replay -- but he said he didn't take Jackson's taunt personally.

"When that incident happened, I just thought it was a hotly tested game at that moment. I just thought he made an error in judgment," Fewell said, according to the New York Daily News. "He was just excited about the catch. I think he probably did it by mistake. I don't think he did anything intentionally.

"It shocked me, but it wasn't about me and wasn't about him at that time. It was about me getting that next call out, and let's play the game. He didn't say anything. I think he got caught up in the moment and flipped the ball towards me."

Fewell also went a little tongue-in-cheek when he was reminded that Jackson's bonehead move helped negate the big play.

"I should probably thank him," Fewell said.

Of all the people to taunt on the Giants' sideline, Jackson apparently picked the nicest, most understanding guy on the team. Punk move? You make the call.

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