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Feud for thought: These make Cutler-Hall look tame

There is no shortage of people who have feuded with Jay Cutler over the years, as the Bears quarterback has proven to be about as popular as "The Paul Reiser Show." Seemingly everybody has feuded with Cutler at some point –- Philip Rivers, Josh McDaniels, his own blood sugar.

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The latest came from DeAngelo Hall, who called Cutler a clown during a recent radio broadcast. (What's disturbing here is that Cutler looks like the kind of guy who would think that reciting Joe Pesci's "Do I look like a clown to you?" rant from "Goodfellas" would be an appropriate retort.)

But come on NFL players, is this the best we can come up with? I thought when CM Punk made Shawne Merriman look foolish months ago that we had seen the bottom of the barrel.

Apparently not.

With that in mind, we count down six of the strangest feuds in NFL history. There isn't a Marcus Allen vs. Al Davis in the bunch. We're talking strangest feuds.

And without further ado ...

6. NFL players vs. Twitter
Twitter has been the source of many NFL feuds -- Chad Ochocinco vs. everybody, Jermichael Finley vs. the Super Bowl team photo and Shawne Merriman vs. Tila Tequila. But did any of those feuds invoke the images of Osama bin Laden? So let's give Visanthe Shiancoe and Darren Sharper the honors of having the best NFL Twitter feud. Which is akin to being known as the funniest guy on FOX News.

5. Good music vs. the Super Bowl halftime show
Making cracks about the Super Bowl halftime entertainment is typically best served for an unfunny Jay Leno monologue. But what the heck? The Black Eyed Peas could not even play a full 15-minute set without relying on Slash and Usher to help carry the show. This could all be put to rest if Metallica was booked to play the next 10 Super Bowl halftime shows.

4. Josh McDaniels vs. Denver
If they ever wanted to remake the Richard Pryor/John Candy vehicle, Brewster's Millions, I think I have your plotline. Some of the moves that McDaniels made during his (brief) tenure in Denver were so befuddling that you almost hope he was doing it on purpose. Or at least it was some sort of reality show like the NFL version of "Punk'd."

3. Joe Montana vs. Steve Young
Nothing was more annoying than watching two future Hall of Famers have a slap fight over who wanted to be the 49ers' quarterback. "Oh look, the guys want me." "No, I won four Super Bowls." Shut up, the both of you. Try going to an NFC Championship Game with Dieter Brock and then pop off. Some teams just have an embarrassment of riches. I think Bears and Cardinals fans feel me here.

2. Antonio Cromartie vs. birth control
Cromartie feels the same way about prophylactics as he does about Tom Brady -- he has no use for either of them. Cromartie's paternity became a cringe-worthy storyline during HBO's "Hard Knocks" last summer. But at least to Cromartie's credit, he did get over on Brady when the Jets eliminated the Patriots in the playoffs to advance to the AFC Championship Game.

1. Stevie Johnson vs. God
How many times have you heard a player thank God after winning a game or making a great play? So it was refreshing when a player called out his deity after dropping the winning touchdown pass against the Steelers in Week 12. Well, God continues to get the better of this battle -- Johnson is still a member of the Bills.

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