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Felix Jones fails Dallas Cowboys' conditioning test

Felix Jones is healthy enough to participate in practice again. He's just not in shape.

Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett was disappointed to announce that Jones failed his conditioning test to start camp. Jones is recovering from shoulder surgery, but Garrett didn't want to hear about excuses.

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"I don't want to get into the reasons why any of those guys were not able to do it. The fact is, they didn't do it," Garrett said Monday. "We need to make sure they are physically ready to practice the way we want to practice before we put them out there."

Our man Ian Rapoport is on the scene and this is the extent of the conditioning test:

Linemen have to run 40 yards in six seconds. "Middle-sized guys" including running backs have to run 50 yards in seven seconds. Receivers and defensive backs have to run 60 yards in eight seconds.

The players have to two sets of 10 with rest in between. The other two players who failed: safety Brodney Pool and wideout Andre Holmes.

This is the first time since his rookie year that Jones clearly looks like a backup. (This time to DeMarco Murray.) This is the final year of Jones' contract, and this is not the way he wanted to get it started.

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