Favre will stay retired? Leinart has a better chance of starting

Brett Favre says that he is done with football. And he means it this time. Why does this smack of your typical conversation that you have with your high school friend that you just recently found on Facebook?

"Hey, we should totally hang out some time."

"Yeah, I would love that."

And then you never ended up seeing that person again because there is a reason why you do not hang out with them -- not that you do not like them, but because life takes you in different directions.

That's why it's hard to believe that Favre has walked away for good. One veteran goes down during the season, and Favre's name will be in the mix. He starts throwing to high schoolers and boom, NFL Network's Scott Hanson is sitting on his lawn.

In honor of this, here are six things I find more believable than Favre's proclamation that he is done, based on recent news events.

And without further ado …

6. Lee Evans is going to be the guy who makes it for the Ravens
Receivers for the Ravens are a lot like Lucy holding the ball out for Charlie Brown, who foolishly believes that this time, he's going to kick that football. For all of the great moves Ozzie Newsome makes, he cannot land at least one game-breaking receiver for the Ravens? Sorry to say, this won't cut it, either.

5. Tim Tebow will be a No. 1 starter
Our Bucky Brooks believes that Tebow looked solid against second-stringers and he should remain in the mix. But come on, anytime Tebow sets up to pass, he reminds me of former Dodgers pitcher Fernando Valenzuela winding up to uncork a screwball, complete with a quick look up to the sky.

4. Tom Brady should look over his shoulder at Ryan Mallett
Not to bag on Brooks again, because Roddy White also was effusive in his praise of Mallett, but can we pump the brakes here a bit on the rookie? Brady is coming off an MVP season, so only an injury should keep him off the field. And considering that the team wraps Brady in a cocoon of bubble wrap between appearances, and even then the rules will not let you touch him, Brady is going to be fine.

3. This will be the year for the Jets
Rex Ryan likes to come out and predict the Super Bowl every season. But after talking with ESPN's scout Matt Williamson on the Dave Dameshek Football Program on Thursday, I have less faith that Mark Sanchez will ever be able to lead this team to the Super Bowl. Even with that great defense.

2. Matt Leinart will be a starting QB in the league someday
Leinart believes it. And give him credit for at least aspiring to be a starter, and not taking his lumps like a modern-day Jim Sorgi. But why did he turn down the gig in Seattle? Is playing backup on a team with Dre Johnson better than Seattle? Well, probably. But with so many teams needing a QB, it is hard to believe he could not get another chance, which leaves me skeptical.

1. Matthew Stafford can stay healthy
I want to believe in the Lions -- I really do. But Mikel LeShoure tears his ACL. Nick Fairley is in a walking boot. This is not a real promising start, guys.

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