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Faulk says Tebow 'darn good' in Broncos' run-happy attack

NFL Network's Marshall Faulk views Denver's read-option offense as a genuine challenge for Rex Ryan's Jetson Thursday night.

"I don't think anyone's geared up to stop the option," Faulk told "The Dan Patrick Show" on Thursday. "We're going to see what one of our better defensive coordinators, Rex Ryan, can do to defend Tim Tebow."

Today's defenses live in a pass-happy NFL, said Faulk, and it's jarring to go from defending Tom Brady to facing a Broncos team that ran the ball 55 times against the Chiefs last week.

Tebow barreled into Kansas City's defense nine times, but that's when he's at his best, according to Faulk.

"He's pretty darn good in this offense," Faulk said. "And we saw that in the SEC at Florida. The guy's tough to stop in this type of offense. ... And the question is, can Tebow -- the football player not the quarterback ... take the pounding, say, a running back takes, week in and week out?

"Because that's what you have to equate him to. ... He's not your average quarterback that's sitting back there barely getting hit or throwing the football away when contact is coming. ... He's the guy who's initiating contact, taking contact, lowering his head, trying to get extra yards."

With running back Knowshon Moreno placed on injured reserve this week and Willis McGahee listed as questionable, the Broncos might be forced to switch things up Thursday night.

The Jets don't appear worried.

"We know what they're doing," Jets All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis said this week. "And we feel comfortable in our game plan."

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