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Faulk on Tebow being a Jet: 'All this is on (Sanchez)'

Tim Tebow's arrival in New York has generated a rainbow of reviews from critics: It's great for the Jets. It's a disaster for the Jets. The Jets have improved their talent base. The Jets have swung out of control.

NFL Network analyst Marshall Faulk believes Mark Sanchez, the Jets' starting quarterback, has only himself to blame for his newfound competition.

"If I'm Mark Sanchez, and they bring in Tebow, it means I hit one of those spells that I always hit," Faulk told "The Dan Patrick Show" on Wednesday. "He's just -- Mark hasn't been consistent throughout the flow of games. He went weeks at a time and not looked good."

Coach Rex Ryan likes to point to consecutive AFC title game appearances under Sanchez, but this is a streaky young quarterback -- and where he goes, the Jets go.

Faulk singled out last season's prime-time clash between the Jets and Denver Broncos in Week 11 as proof.

"The pick-six that Mark Sanchez threw against Denver, that they ran back for a touchdown and, in turn, gave Tebow an opportunity to drive down the field with the game-winning touchdown -- Mark Sanchez? Yeah, all this is on him," Faulk said.

Ryan maintains Sanchez is firmly rooted as the team's starter, but the Jets are unwilling to go through another season hoping he'll get it done. As promised, they've brought someone in to push him. Unfortunately for him, that someone is perceived by the hordes as a magic man on the field -- a label rarely given to Sanchez.

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