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Fan hands out unsolicited advice to Chargers' Mathews

Ryan Mathews exhibited a serious level of self-control this week when a fan confronted the Chargers running back about a costly fumble against the Chicago Bears on Sunday.

Mathews was autographing a poster during the team's annual blood drive on Tuesday, when Chargers fan Matthew Brown leaned in and said, "Control the ball better."

That's the point where we'd calmly ask a nearby smoker for their lighter, then proceed to burn the poster we just signed, laughing maniacally as we did.

Perhaps wisely, Mathews went down a more civil route. According to The San Diego Union-Tribune, he smiled and responded, "All right, man," never breaking stride in his signing duties.

Brown was later asked why he felt it necessary to impart his wisdom to Mathews.

"I couldn't resist," Brown said. "He gave away the game."

So why did you wait in line to get the man's autograph! Seriously, we applaud Matthews' serenity.

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