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Falcons owner pleased with NFL's discipline of Saints

Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank is pleased Roger Goodell dropped the hammer of Thor on the New Orleans Saints.

(A shocker, we know.)

"I think the league has handled it well and appropriately," Blank told from the NFL Annual Meeting. "One of the other owners made this point, but I told the Commissioner I totally agree with him. The NFL, outside of our stadiums, the only things we really own are our reputation, our integrity, our shield and the relationship and trust we have with our fans and our sponsors. Anything that's done that violates that or hurts that, is something that has to be dealt with."

Matt Ryan wasn't one of the players named as a Saints target in the NFL's "bounty" investigation, but Blank thinks it's hard to believe his quarterback wasn't gone after.

"I mean, Matt wasn't one of the players named," Blank said. "But, on the other hand, I'd be hard put to believe that he wasn't a target at some point, whether he was named or not."

While we await player penalties for the Saints, the Falcons have found themselves in prime position to grab back control of the NFC South. Blank's comments seem to come from a sincere place, but if they also have the effect of rubbing salt in the wound of a rival, he probably can live with that, too.

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