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Falcons 'on pins and needles' for Julio Jones' return

The last time we saw Julio Jones, the dynamic Atlanta Falcons wide receiver was limping off the field at the Georgia Dome with a broken foot.

Jones underwent surgery on Oct. 15. The recovery process continues for Jones, who has not taken part in OTAs. Falcons wide receivers coach Terry Robiskie acknowledged the staff will be on edge once the star gets back on the field.

"The day I can see him come out and just run and practice at full speed, practice all day and get up the next day and practice again, certainly then I'm going to feel he's back," Robiskie said, via "I think every day, we'll be out there with him with caution.

"We'll be watching him a little bit kind of standing on pins and needles. I think if he jumps in the air to catch the ball, if he jumps on top of some (defensive back) and some DB is under him, you're nervous."

Robiskie went on to clarify that he gets nervous when any of "(their) guys (are) jumping up to catch the ball." Still, the subtext was clear. The Falcons aren't assuming this point that they'll have the Julio Jones of old on the field in 2014.

Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff exhibited less concern in comments to NFL Media's Jeff Darlington this weekend.

"Julio is healing well. He's such a fast healer and that's his whole makeup," Dimitroff said. "He's a strong, powerful guy. He's going to do all in his power to get back and do the right thing as far as monitoring his own recovery and his rehab."

The Falcons are playing it conservatively with Jones at this point, which makes plenty of sense given the player's stature and the time of year. If Jones is still missing by the start of training camp next month, Falcons fans have full permission to start sweating.

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