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Falcons on 'Hard Knocks'? They're thinking it over

The question remains: Who will attempt to follow the raucous sideshow of Rex Ryan and the Jets on "Hard Knocks."

The Atlanta Falconsare reportedly HBO's choice, but the team hasn't come to a decision on whether they would like to take part in the popular documentary series.

"Right now, I have nothing to offer on that," Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Thursday.

"Like all of us, we've watched it over the years and there have been some highlights," Dimitroff said. "There have been some highlights, no questions about that. It's interesting TV."

With the draft less than a week away, we don't imagine Dimitroff and Co. are spending too much time debating the merits of having their training camp recorded for the world to see. Coach Mike Smith said last month the team wasn't interested, but his GM believes the team is potentially ready for the exposure.

"I am proud of where we are," Dimitroff said. "I feel that we are the type of organization that would be considered in not only this situation that you are referring to, but other situations from a national perspective. We need to continue to build (owner Arthur Blank's) brand."

The Falcons don't suggest high-drama, but that's the beauty of "Hard Knocks." We don't need Ryan stomping around and backslapping Mike Tannenbaum for the show to work. It gives the viewer an intimate look at the backroom discussions, the preparation, the dreams of players we'll never hear about past August. This is why it succeeds.

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