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Falcons' Brian Banks: I ate myself alive with negativity


If you follow football, you know the basics of the Brian Banks story.

A top high-school recruit ticketed for USC, Banks' life was torn apart when he was falsely accused of rape, then sent to prison for five years after being woefully misrepresented by his counsel.

Banks, 27, eventually managed to clear his name and now attempts to follow through on his dream of playing in the NFL. He signed with the Atlanta Falcons in April and will attend training camp starting next month.

For a more personal glimpse into Banks' incredible journey, we highly suggest you check out Rich Eisen's conversation with the linebacker in the latest edition of "The Rich Eisen Podcast." It's a Q&A that gives you a much better idea of what Banks went through and how he was able to move forward.

"I woke up one day honestly and it just dawned on me that I'm sitting here and I'm angry at the world and I want this revenge and I want somebody held accountable for what happened to me," Banks recalled to Eisen. "And I'm realizing that all this negative energy that I had and all this anger I have for these people they didn't even know and didn't even care.

"So it was at that time I realized I was eating myself alive with this negative energy. With the way that I felt, I was doing nothing but destroying myself because it meant nothing to the people I had that anger for."

Some really candid stuff from Banks, who's a man worthy of your respect -- if he sticks with the Falcons or not.

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