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Ex-NFL players ask tough questions after Seau's passing

Junior Seau was so full of life that his sudden death by a gunshot wound to the chest is hard to fathom. It is a sad, stunning blow to everyone that knew him.

There is so much that we don't know about Seau's passing, but the overwhelming emotion in the football community is deep sadness about a life lost too soon. Seau's death raised difficult questions from some prominent former players. 

"This is hard to comprehend," Seau's former teammate Mike Vrabel told Tom Curran of "I wish we could figure out why and help these guys who have a hard time after football."

"Why are we losing so many great warriors who are great people. We have to take a longer look at what this great game is doing to us," Warren Moon wrote on Twitter.

All-time leading rusher Emmitt Smith wanted more information:

"Depression and suicide are serious. We as current and former NFL players should demand better care. Lack of info more!!" Smith wrote.

The NFLPA Legends Twitter account, the official representation of NFLPA Former Players, sent a message of prevention to its players. 

"I am PLEADING with all my brothers and NFL family. If you need help, someone to talk to, if you know someone who does, PLEASE REACH OUT!" wrote Sr. Director Nolan Harrison before including a number to a suicide prevention hotline.

The former NFL player community is a close one. Its hurting on Wednesday, and there are no easy answers to the questions they are asking.

We send our thoughts and condolences to Seau's family, friends, and the entire Chargers organization. 

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