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Ex-Jets Jenkins to Darrelle Revis: Be a leader

Darrelle Revis is hinting about a holdout. Again. Just two years after Revis provided a lot of anxiety in New York (and ratings for Hard Knocks), Revis may push hard for a new contract.

(Pay no attention to the fact Revis is only two years into a four-year deal.)

This sort of story is tired for media and fans, but former Jets player Kris Jenkins says it means more than that. Revis has a role on this team that he didn't have as a young player.

"They need consistency right now," Jenkins said Wednesday night at a pre-draft party in Manhattan. "He has enough money. This time, I think he needs to get out there and make it more than about just getting the dollars. I know Revis is always going to do what's best for him and what's best for his business, his brand, but, in my opinion, at the end of the day, he has to realize he has to be a leader. He's that guy now."

Between Jenkins and Damien Woody, the only Jets that seem to speak honestly about the team these days are ex-Jets. The team seemed to miss their leadership last year and Jenkins raises a good point about Revis: With big dollars should come big responsibility.

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