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Ex-Jets DT Jenkins says team wants greatness 'on the outside'

It's not Joe Namath spouting off for once, but another former Jets player has emerged from the woodwork to rip the team.

Kris Jenkins, the wide-bodied defensive tackle who announced his retirement in July, sees systemic issues inside a Jets locker room that's sorely missing grounded veterans such as Damien Woody and Shaun Ellis.

"Now, they just erased that off their team," Jenkins told ESPN New York this week. "Now you have guys that, yeah, they're good, they can play their positions, but they don't have the experience to take on those responsibilities, so what happens? You get a catty locker room.

"New York City as a whole is a hard place to play football and be successful," he said. "Most of these guys don't understand that the thing that is ailing them is they wanna be seen too much. That's the new culture of football. Everybody gets paid. Everyone sees the Ray Lewises, and all the guys get all this notoriety and things like that.

"They're not trying to put the hard work in to become a leader inside-out. They just want it on the outside and for everyone to see them for how special they are. The thing I had a personal issue with when I was there was guys trying to copyright things and be known for what they're saying and this show and that show."

The not-so-subtle jab at Bart Scott aside, Jenkins' venting session is just another chapter in the ongoing drama of this season's delightful Jets. At 3-3 and backed into third place in the AFC East, they're still talking -- still telling us about their greatness, their golden future.

Is anybody listening?

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