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Ex-Giant Toomer: Sanchez won't last as Jets' starter

The Giants have had a way of tip-toeing around the circus in New York now that Tim Tebow is with the Jets.

But you can count one of the Giants' former greats, Amani Toomer, squarely among the ilk of folks who believe quarterback Mark Sanchez can't handle the heat brought about by Tebow's arrival.

"I don't see Sanchez being the starter the entire season," Toomer, who retired in 2008 after 13 years as a Giants receiver, told the The Star-Ledger on Monday.

Toomer didn't stop there, either, adding that Sanchez "is not a great quarterback. I don't think I'm at a stretch for saying that."

No, he's not, but Toomer also said he'd be "very upset" as a receiver if Tebow was his quarterback (and who can blame him for that?), although he gives credit to Tebow for constantly rising above his critics.

"Here is a guy who all the people, all the pundits, say what he can't do, and he can't play," Toomer said. "These are guys that he probably looked up to growing up, and all of a sudden you get your opportunity to be on the big stage and all these guys are talking bad about you, all the pundits. And he still, no matter what happens, in the fourth quarter, he is there to make plays and win games, and there is something to be said about that. I think the Jets realized that when it happened to them in Denver, so I think they're fully believing in him."

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