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Ex-Falcons DB Milloy calls Petrino's troubles 'karma'

When Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino coursed off a two-lane highway and crashed his motorcycle Sunday night outside of Fayetteville, the first concern was for his safety.

The former Atlanta Falcons coach is expected to make a full recovery. His reputation, however, is in critical condition.

Petrino -- notorious for ditching the Falcons 13 games into the 2007 season to take the Razorbacks job -- came out of the gate telling everyone he'd spent Sunday lakeside with his family before taking off on his motorcycle, per The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

In reality, Arkansas' leader was riding the beaten roads with a 25-year-old woman on the back of his bike.

Petrino is married -- and not to the 25-year-old, who happens to be the football team's "student-athlete development coordinator," recently hired by Petrino.

As details -- and the inevitable police report -- emerged, Petrino revised his story and admitted to an "inappropriate relationship."

He's now tucked away on administrative leave, but his detractors pour forth, including former Falcons players, who knew Petrino as the man who left a 3-10 team spinning in the wind.

New York Times reporter Pete Thamel tracked down four-time Pro Bowl safety Lawyer Milloy, who played under Petrino in Atlanta:

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