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Ex-Bucs great Lynch: QB like Luck arrives 'every 15 or 20 years'

If Andrew Luck had his way, this season's "biggest loser" subplot -- the "Suck for Luck" chase -- would just go away.

"I don't think a fan should want a team to lose, whether now or later," Luck told The Los Angeles Times on Tuesday. "Fans should support their team, have them win, and whatever happens, happens."

Sure, but if you're rooting for one of this year's sinking ships, the choice between a few listless wins or the chance to grab the next Tom Brady -- or Cam Newton, for that matter -- seems like an easy one. Still, it's the biggest hit-or-miss position in sports -- for every Peyton Manning, you have JaMarcus Russell, Tim Couch and Ryan Leaf setting their franchises back half a decade.

Stanford's star quarterback can't avoid the growing chatter, but "it would be a disservice to my teammates and this university if I started thinking about all that stuff."

"He's like a vitamin -- once a day he does something that just makes you say, 'Wow!'" said Stanford coach David Shaw. "And it's been once a day for four years."

Former Buccaneers All-Pro safety (and Stanford alum) John Lynch -- who's seen his share of quarterbacks -- called Luck "one of those guys that comes around every 15 or 20 years." 

What if he's right?

Luck's diplomacy on the matter aside, teams without that special quarterback are on the outside looking in. If your team's bottom-feeding at 0-6, are you hoping they scratch out two or three wins at the end of the year -- or totally wreck the car in order to grab a player who could transform your franchise until 2025? 

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