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Eric Berry of Kansas City Chiefs has phobia of horses

Eric Berry is a young, star safety for the Kansas City Chiefs. He's also deathly afraid of horses. Seriously. The man suffers from equinophobia.

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In a recent episode of Showtime's "Inside The NFL" -- first brought to the Internet's attention by Kissing Suzy Kolber -- Berry literally is scared off the field by a female Chiefs employee riding a horse.

"Aw, hell nah, there goes that horse. I don't f--- with that horse. That horse," Berry told Chiefs teammates. "I gotta wait 'til that horse pass. I don't mess with horses bro, straight up. He might come over and throw a tantrum."

Any doubts about Berry's sincerity are erased later, when he abruptly exits a team huddle when that woman on the horse returns to his sight line.

"Hold up coach, that horse out there. That horse. She needs to go on ahead with that horse," Berry said. "I don't fool with no horses, boy. She needs to go ahead and drive that thing away. I'm not worried about the chick; I'm worried about that horse."

I know we're all supposed to have our fun with Berry here, but let's be honest: Horses are kind of terrifying. We've had horror movies about sharks, dogs, alligators, spiders, dinosaurs, snakes, apes, and birds.

I feel like we're missing an opportunity here, Hollywood. Just don't invite poor Eric Berry to set.

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